We want the same things

Brand values must be real, authentic, and supported by fact because it drives an organisation and connects with what your audience is looking for. Let’s look at our four brand values, one by one.

Our brand value of ASPIRATIONAL is a key driver at Weskus Distrik Municipality.

It is all encompassing.

Internally, it talks to an aspiration to improve, grow and develop our people because that leads to sustained service delivery.

Chief Financial Officer Dr Johan Tesselaar has been instrumental in encouraging officials to further their education while also attracting quality interns and learners, ensuring that Weskus Distrik’s ‘fountain of youth’ flows and bubbles.

Externally, this brand value deals with the aspirations of residents. It addresses their aspirations to live, thrive and strive.

In truth, one cannot separate internal and external because service delivery can only work if the two are aligned and intertwined.


West Coast District Municipality

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