True to our brand.

The launch of the Integrated Emergency Response and Prevention Operational Centre – the first of its kind – involving Weskus Distrik, SAPS and the Western Cape Provincial Government is a prime example of how we live our brand, and how our brand values regulate each other.

The emergency centre established a nodal point of information sharing and coordination, promoting a proactive, preventative and where required, fast reaction to security and emergency situations in the Weskus region.

Weskus Distrik’s brand values paved the way for the successful implementation of this landmark project.

West Coast District Municipality


The role players and stakeholders were confident in our ability to deliver. Our track record in compliance and governance over the years instils trust and positions us as a reliable partner.

This ‘solid’ halo is very important to us, whether it applies to raising capital or initiating complex projects such as the response and prevention operational centre.


Given the number of role players with different needs and dynamics, our brand value of ‘inclusive’ was a critical enabler of this project. Collaboration is the nature of our business as we service the region’s municipalities. Allied to this, the way in which our Executive team naturally feeds off each other with each adding their insights and experience. Our portfolios may
differ, but we never work in silos.


This brand value talks to our obsession for attracting, retaining, mentoring, and developing talent. You simply cannot deliver projects of this nature without skilled managers and centre operators. In this instance, it is worth noting that Franquin Petersen, Head of our Disaster Centre, has decades of experience with us but is currently studying towards a doctorate. It is this desire to grow and stay relevant in changing times that enabled us to offer a state-of-the-art facility and empower Franquin to play a central role in the success of the project.


We never sit on burning issues, especially something as important as safety and security. The decision to ‘go’ with this project was taken a few years ago but since then, we steadily moved towards taking it happen. We were decisive when the project was first mooted but continued taking decisive steps along the way to make it materialise.

“One of the ways to check whether your brand values are relevant is to check whether they interplay or feed off and into each other. This project confirmed that we are on the right track”.


David Joubert
Municipal Manager
Weskus Distrik Municipality

West Coast District Municipality

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