Brands attract top talent

One of the objectives of Weskus Distrik’s Strategic Brand development is to attract the right talent to take the region into the future.

“Attracting the right talent as a strategic brand objective goes hand in hand with our other key objectives such as attracting investors, residents, and tourists. We need to redefine our approach to recruitment and move towards becoming a talent brand”, says CFO Dr Johan Tesselaar.

A strong employer brand helps to attract top talent and has tangible benefits such as:

  • Reducing recruitments costs.
  • Attracting high-quality applicants.
  • Increasing employee referrals.
  • Improving employee retention.
  • Increasing offer-acceptance rates.

Can public service be a sought-after destination for talent?

“The short answer is that it MUST become a career to aspire to. We need a skilled and committed public service to consistently deliver services to our communities which they not only deserve but pay for. We need to learn from iconic private sector brands”.

The simple but longer answer is that without a steady stream of skilled talent, you cannot comply with the legislation and acts which empower service delivery and this impacts on a municipalities ability to attract the funding, investors, and tourism needed to build a sustainable future for its communities.

How can a career in public service be aspirational?

  • People need to be proud of their employer. Focus on the basics of strong compliance and governance so that essential services can be delivered, and you avoid earning negativity which repels the right talent.
  • Make mentoring and development an obsession so that employers can strive and thrive in the environment.
  • Have an experienced and skilled leadership team in place to set the example and make decisive and momentum-building decisions, making it a vibrant place to be.
  • Your brand must be more than a logo and slogan. Make your brand meaningful, relatable, aspirational, and a unifying and rallying flag in the organisation and public service overall.

“Executive and Management teams have a duty to create an environment which not only attracts top talent but also retains and develops current employees who must embrace change. Attracting and developing talent is a strategic organisational imperative”.


Dr Johan Tesselaar
Chief Financial Officer
Weskus Distrik Municipality.

West Coast District Municipality

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