Laat waai!

The instruction of Laat Waai echoes in the meeting rooms and corridors of Weskus Distrik Municipality. What does it mean? What doesn’t it mean? Alderman Boffie Strydom, our Executive Mayor and main proponent of the call to action, unpacks Laat Waai.

“Laat Waai is a call to action, an emphatic exhortation to go ahead and do something. It is a rallying call to break inertia and get things done”.

At first glance, the rallying call might seem cavalier. Not so, says Boffie.

“Everything that we do is governed by legislation and various Acts which are there to ensure that municipalities pursue sound governance. Our compliance to regulatory requirements is clearly evidenced in our track record of clean audits and our status as South Africa’s top-performing municipality”.

The essence of Brand Weskus Distrik’s brand provides further governance.

“Apart from the brand value of ‘active’ which speaks to our ability to take decisive action, our brand value of ‘solid’ prevents rash or knee-jerk decisions. Having ‘inclusivity’ as a value means that we involve appropriate people in decision-making, and we respect their views. Crucially, our passion for developing people comes into play as well. When you’ve got trained and experienced people providing insights, the decision-making process becomes so much easier”.

Laat waai!


Ald. Boffie Strydom
Executive Mayor
Weskus Distrik Municipality

West Coast District Municipality

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