The Real Importance of Clean Administration.

Weskus Distrik Municipality achieved its 13th clean audit in a row, a remarkable achievement in an environment of failing municipal services. Ticking the box is one thing, but Municipal Manager David Joubert discusses the true impact of clean administration.

When a district or local municipality receives a clean audit from the Auditor General it means that its financial statements and performance reflects a credible and transparent account of its performances against service delivery goals, and that they are running a clean administration. In a nutshell, this says that budgeted funds are fully utilised to ensure that our people benefit from essential services.

As a district municipality, we deliver essential services such as bulk water, landfill, infrastructure (e.g., municipal roads), health and social services, and key emergency and disaster services to the Weskus region. We take this responsibility very seriously as failure to do so not only impact on our community’s dignity and rights but can also be life threatening.

David lists other crucial benefits of running a clean administration.

  • A solid, clean administration is vital to at tract investment into a region and provides funders with the confidence that capital will be allocated as intended and payment can be serviced. Apart from government funding, investment in a region is crucial to sustain service delivery.
  • Parallel to attracting investment, we have seen large companies exit other municipal regions in South Africa because poor service delivery inhibited the viability of their businesses. This resulted in wholesale unemployment and decimated small businesses in the area.
  • Attracting talent such as qualified accountants, engineers and other key personnel ensures continuity of service delivery through day-to-day tasks and succession planning to secure the future. Allied to the injection of talent, municipalities must also retain existing quality staff. A poorly governed municipality repels top talent and good officials.
  • ‘Semigrating’ to well-governed municipal regions has become a trend as South Africans exit areas where poor service delivery is rife. Attracting new residents brings investment, diversity, and increases the region’s revenue base.
  • Unrest is often a consequence of poor service delivery which repels investors, funders, residents, businesses and often, tourists.

“We are proud of our track record of clean administration and are very aware that we cannot rest on our laurels as we are only as good as our last audit. We have the people, planning, technology, development programmes, and processes in place to sustain our commitment of quality service delivery. Our commitment is to ensure that Weskus remains a place to live, strive and thrive in”.


David Joubert
Municipal Manager
Weskus Distrik Municipality.

West Coast District Municipality

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