Reconciliation Day – A Message from the Executive Mayor

Inclusivity – The key to sustainable communities

Celebrating the Day of Reconciliation is more than getting together with family and friends. It’s a day where we share our similarities and celebrate our differences. Reconciliation Day focuses on promoting social cohesion, healing, unity, nation-building, and the renewal of the communities we live in. Recognizing our diversity and creating an inclusive society are important steps towards achieving equality.

Today, on National Reconciliation Day, let us reflect. We acknowledge our history, but we envision a brighter future where we can all live in harmony and peace.

At West Coast District Municipality, we strive to promote social well-being and to leave lasting legacies for future generations. We know that true reconciliation cannot be achieved by words alone. Let’s take action. Together we can ensure a better tomorrow for all of us.


Ald. Boffie Strydom
Executive Mayor
Weskus Distrik Municipality

West Coast District Municipality

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