Tevron Greef

Getting great workplace experience?
Yes, I am very happy as I have become wiser and gained much new knowledge.

Your biggest learning curve?
I struggled to communicate, but ever since I started at the Disaster Management Centre my communication skills improved because as a call taker.

Has there been a highlight for you and what was it?
I was part of a search and rescue team in Saldanha Bay. It was very exciting for me to see how the whole community of Saldanha came together and helped with the search for a missing child.

Who is your mentor?
My father, but Trevor Greeff is my mentor at work. In my workspace, Mr Petersen helped me with choices.

How would describe Trevor as a mentor?
He is strict but is supportive towards me.

What do you see ahead?
In the next four years I would like to start chasing my dream of becoming a diesel mechanic.

How does it feel to be working at a champion municipality such as “Weskus”?
It Is always nice to be part of a hardworking and successful municipality.


West Coast District Municipality

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