Gavin Williams

Getting good work experience?
I am very happy and thankful for the experience I have gained over the 8 months that I have worked here. The work boosted my confidence and exposed me to different departments within the municipality.

Learning curve?
The biggest learning curve is learning how to deal with incidents. I’m also now not that shy.

Has there been a highlight for you?
A highlight for me was writing different reports on a mountain fire in Piketberg.

Who is your mentor?
My father, but in my work context Mr Petersen advise me on numerous matters.

What can you tell us about Mr Petersen?
He’s a very calm person and always like encouraging me whenever he can.

What’s your road ahead look like?
I’ve always wanted to be an automotive technician, but being at Weskus helped me to envision my future.

Feel good working for a champion municipality?
It feels very good to be part of the winning team and to be working with high-ranking people.


West Coast District Municipality

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