Strategic brand development through targeted marketing

Weskus Distrik’s reach on social media is growing in the right places. Using mostly digital assets, the programme is now extending to other exciting PR and marketing channels.


The primary Weskus channel for strategic brand development is LinkedIn, the premier B2B platform, where we are reaching key investment decision-makers. This campaign has been running for just under a year and although the target audience is highly focused, we are achieving the targeted reach.

Included in the campaign are stakeholders such as key government agencies and local government associates. Content marketing is optimal, with all stories illustrating the core Weskus Distrik brand values of Solid, Aspirational, Inclusive and Active.

Brand Weskus is managed from CFO Dr Joan Tesselaar’s office, and follows an optimal programme of consistency, frequency, and relevance. Content presented for approval is scrutinised for its fit to Weskus Distrik’s brand values which present in different ways but sends the same messages and triggers desired emotions among users.

Meta and others.

A separate Strategic Brand Facebook page will soon be launched to target the Migration market, ensuring that the Weskus is presented as a compelling destination.

At this stage, Instagram will compliment Facebook’s migration strategy with a planned spillover to the 18-35 age group to attract talent while also providing the hope that South Africa can rise above the challenging circumstances that we currently face. There are pockets of hope in South Africa where good people are doing good things and these stories need to be told.

Once these three platforms are running well, we’ll look at adding media such as YouTube and Tik-Tok where appropriate.

Multi platforms and initiatives.
“The multi-platform distribution strategy recognises the dynamics of our different audiences and allows for segmentation and targeted scheduling of posts”, says Dr Tesselaar.

Marketing efforts are not restricted solely to our digital platforms but include presentations to investors and stakeholders, and outbound initiatives. We are also determined to contribute towards building a better South Africa and have initiated ambitious plans to do so.

“Ultimately, we’re moving towards a situation where our platforms feed off and into each other and this provides us with greater reach, the consistency and frequency which a brand needs and, from a financial perspective, we’ll enjoy greater economies.

Gist of strategic brand marketing.

We need to understand why we exist. It’s not just about service delivery because that should be a qualifier. It’s about attracting investors, securing funding, and making your region a quality place to live in, and do business in. And your brand must attract precious talent to develop the next generation. If a municipality has what it takes to achieve these objectives, you need to tell your story in the best way possible to the right people and make a start because brands take years to develop”, concludes Dr Tesselaar.

Dr Johan Tesselaar
Chief Financial Officer
Weskus Distrik


West Coast District Municipality

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