Kirsten Cornett

Getting good workplace exposure?
Yes, I’m getting the necessary exposure to plan a clear career path.

Your biggest learning?
Moving between departments and experiencing differences in how they operate and what is expected of me.

Yes, going on a three-day outbound strategy where I got to see first-hand how the municipality is planning on evolving and innovating new ideas and concepts to stay relevant and improve the West Coast.

Who is mentoring you?
Megan Claasen and CFO Dr Johan Tesselaar, and Brand Strategist Gary Hendrickse.

How do you find the mentoring?
Inspiring, firm and dedicated, not only in their work but ensuring that I flourish and achieve my potential.

How do you see your future?
Furthering my studies and obtaining a degree in business administration.

Benefit of working for a champion municipality like “Weskus”?
I’m getting the necessary workplace experience, while broadening my knowledge


West Coast District Municipality

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