She’s a keeper

As the role of local government evolves, opportunities arise for officials to step up and achieve their potential. A good example is Megan Claasen, Executive Secretary to Weskus Distrik’s CFO Dr Johan Tesselaar.

Megan joined Weskus Distrik as a temporary staffer in 2007 before being appointed as permanent staff a year later. She moved to Dr Tesselaar’s office in 2019 and then her development curve increased exponentially.

“As the CFO’s portfolio has expanded over the years, it becomes critical that one enjoys the support of an assistant who is committed to a vision, shares the Weskus vision and values, and is prepared to gain deeper knowledge and understanding. Megan’s everyday functions expose her to the various disciplines in the Finance department such as Supply Chain Management, Finance and Budgeting, Auditing, Information Technology, and Asset Control among others.

Her role is further enriched through her support of our Strategic Brand Development programme, interacting with key state enterprises, and exposure to exciting initiatives such as landfill, smart city and energy projects”, says an appreciative and proud Dr Tesselaar.

Megan is currently studying towards a degree in Public Administration. Typical of a person who grasps the concept of public service, Megan puts ‘service’ above personal ambitions.

“My studies will help me to respond to inquiries with more detail and understanding”.

Dr Tesselaar has the highest regard for what Megan brings to his team and Weskus Distrik overall but perhaps it is best summed up in four words:
Megan is a keeper!

Dr Johan Tesselaar
Chief Financial Officer
Weskus Distrik Municipality


West Coast District Municipality

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