Philnice Wilemse

Yes, I’m happy. I’m learning more about the working environment daily. I know that I can grow in this work environment if I make use of the skills I’ve already obtained and keep an open mind to things that I do not know yet.

Your biggest learning curve?
I’ve learned to work in groups and teams which forced me to get out of my comfort zone.

Has there been a highlight for you and what was it?
Yes, the Kyknet Buite Expo.

Who is mentoring you?
Mr Petersen is our overall mentor, but we have a buddy Mr Sashin Septoo, also an intern at West Coast Disaster Management.

Tell us about your mentor?
I’d describe him as strict, encouraging and very supportive.

What do you see for yourself in the future?
I see myself studying to become an intermediate phase teacher in the future.

Feel good working at a champion municipality?
It feels good and I’m very honoured to be working for the West Coast Distrik Municipality. It feels good to know what is going on around us.


West Coast District Municipality

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