What is landfill?

Commencement of the landfill project to serve the local Matzikama and Cederberg municipalities is a good example of a municipality ensuring that infrastructure is in place to deliver an essential public service. For the layman, ‘landfill’ might paint a picture of a hole in the ground stacked with trash.

What is landfill?

It’s not a dump or some hole in the ground. A landfill is a scientifically engineered facility built into or on the ground in a carefully selected area to hold and isolate waste from the environment.

Modern landfills are built using a layering system to safely isolate waste while monitoring byproducts, leaks, and anything else that can harm the environment. Isolating trash from air and water is essential for preventing contamination.

The need for modern landfill sites is best explained by outlining the risks of not having adequate site in place, among others:

  • Disease.
  • Plant death.
  • Animal and marine death.
  • Clogged drains.
  • Extinction of species and crops.

Unfortunately, we read about these occurrences in the media all too often.

The launch of the landfill for the Matzikama and Cederberg local municipalities – which includes job creation opportunities through recycling – follows years of painstaking studies and detailed planning, culminating in the construction of an essential service for the region and its residents.


West Coast District Municipality

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