More than a road.

Director Chris Koch and his Infrastructure team have just completed the construction of the new road between Vredenburg and St Helena Bay. Instead of outsourcing the project to contractors, it was entirely managed and constructed in-house.

The road provides easy access to St Helena Bay and Stompneus Bay, reducing travel time from 50 minutes to 15 minutes.

A rough calculation also highlights the financial benefit that the road has delivered and will continue to yield.

The project cost was about R 220 million. We had 600 new building plans approved for St Helena Bay so, based on an average property of 10 000 sqm multiplied by R 10 000 per sqm, we’re looking at an initial inflow of about R 900 million into St Helena Bay and surrounds. We can also guestimate living and entertainment expenses of new residents and holiday makers of an additional R 4 million per month finding its way to local businesses. Then, you’ve also got rates which helps the municipalities to make further investment into the region, including social investment.

“One can make big things happen when you have qualified, trained, and committed people on your team, whether that’s the grader or the person with the Stop-Go sign. It’s the first time that such a significant road has been constructed by an in-house municipality team and we’re very happy with the result – on time, on budget, and objectives achieved”.

Chris Koch
Director Infrastructure Services
Weskus Distrik Municipality.

West Coast District Municipality

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