Solid Acts enable decisive acts.

The Constitution entrusts local government with complex tasks which have a direct impact on the wellbeing of communities. Legislation serves to empower local government to achieve its mandate, namely: Municipal Financial Act, Municipal Systems Act, Municipal Structures Act, and the Municipal Property Rates Act. Collectively, these pieces of legislation provide the framework for the democratic, accountable, and developmental local government system envisaged by the Constitution.

People miss the point when referring to Acts as red tape or bureaucracy which inhibits performance.

“The purpose of an Act is to safeguard the interest of the community, and it provides direction for almost any eventuality. What can inhibit performance is a lack of skills, insight, experience and will to be effective within the various Acts. Therefore, attracting, developing, and mentoring the right talent is the key to municipal performance.

Even if the Act does not make specific provision for a situation, you can still be guided by the Constitution’s Bill of Rights”, says Municipal Manager David Joubert.

This approach was evidenced in the recent the Matzikama water crisis where a Plan B was conceived if the problem was not resolved timeously.

A Municipal Mayor is essentially the CEO or MD, depending on the scale of the municipality, who, apart from executive responsibilities, must make things happen to achieve the short-term and long-term goals of a municipality.

One of the core values of Weskus Distrik Municipality is ‘decisiveness’. If something is right, we don’t sit on it. We are an action-led team, a culture which is driven from the top. Our Executive Mayor Boffie Strydom will often activate an initiative with a simple directive.

Laat waai!

David Joubert
Municipal Mayor
Weskus Distrik Municipality.

West Coast District Municipality

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