A Speaker doesn’t only speak.

The Constitution and Municipal Structures Act require that every Council elects a chairperson, called the Speaker. The task of the Speaker is to structure the two primary functions of a Municipal Council, i.e., its legislative and its executive function.

“While the management of a municipality is apolitical, the Council consists of councillors from different political parties. One of the Speaker’s roles is to foster political cohesion so that we act in the interests of our communities”, says Weskus Distrik Speaker Kallie Louw.

The Speaker has several functions, including ensuring that:

  • Order is maintained during meetings.
  • Council and Council committees comply with the Code of Conduct of Councillors.
  • Council meetings are conducted in accordance with the rules and orders of the Council.
  • Council meets at least quarterly.

“One of the biggest responsibilities as a speaker is to respect the dignity of everyone in a meeting. People must feel that their dignity and perspective has been honoured”.

As a director of WESGRO, Kallie also has a rich track record in the tourism sector which adds significant value to Weskus as an attractive destination.

“We’ve noticed an influx of visitors from the United States. This is an exciting development for the region, but we’d like to know what is attracting them. We’ll be visiting the Weskus tourism hot spots to meet visiting Americans and get some new insights first-hand”.

Kallie Louw
Weskus Distrik Municipality.

West Coast District Municipality

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