More than a logo

One of the first things that goes when a new brand strategy emerges is the logo. Not with Brand Weskus Distrik! A logo is important but it’s not going to sway investor sentiment. Investors look at key aspects of your brand that encourages them to look at your region as a solid opportunity. Its not the logo.

A logo identifies what ‘tribe’ you represent, and if it does change it only follows a carefully considered brand strategy.

“The mistake that local government tends to make is change their logo, thinking that this alone will change perceptions. The reality is that a new logo requires extensive budget, not only in conceptualising and refining it but also the high cost of having to change signage, and stationary among others. One should only go that route if there are compelling reasons to do so”, says Weskus Distrik Municipal Manager David Joubert.

The Weskus Distrik team reviewed their logo following the formulation of their brand strategy and guess what? It’s still good, fresh and portrays the Weskus Distrik ‘tribe’ perfectly!

David Joubert
Municipal Manager
Weskus Distrik Municipality


West Coast District Municipality

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