We want the same things

Brand values must be real, authentic, and supported by fact because it drives an organisation and connects with what your audience is looking for. Let’s look at our four brand values, one by one.


A brand value is also a promise to your residents, stakeholders, and investors. Gone are the days when you could just use words without backing it up with reality.

This brand value of SOLID is evident in our clean audits which reflect our commitment to good governance and compliance.

Municipal Manager David Joubert expands: “People often ask how officials cope with the extensive Acts, Regulations and Legislation generally, referring to all the ‘red tape’ involved in local government.

The reality is that these are in place for very good reasons – to protect taxpayer money and ensure service delivery. It is not a burden but an enabler. Local government officials must understand the terms clearly and where need be, be sufficiently qualified and astute to seek compliant solutions within this framework”.


West Coast District Municipality

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