Marchaline Malgas. Disaster Management Centre.

High school attended?
Namaqualand High School.

Favourite school subjects?

Looking 5 years ahead?
A permanent call taker or teacher.

Favourite meal?

Favourite musician or group?

Hobbies and interests?

All-time best movie?
‘Maid In Manhattan’.

Dream holiday?

Who cracks an invite to your dinner party?
Angelina Jolie, Dinan Neel and Neymar.

You become boss of the world – your first law passed?
No bail plus life imprisonment for convicted rapists.

What song plays when you enter a room?
Chris Brown’s ‘Possessive’.

Thank you Marchaline, a career as a call taker in Disaster Management is extremely fulfilling as you provide a vital service to the community when they most need us. Keep up the great work and learn something new every day.

David Joubert
Municipal Manager
Weskus Distrik Municipality

West Coast District Municipality

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