Gavin Williams. Disaster Management Centre.

High school attended?
Hoerskool Dirkie Uys, Moorreesburg.

Favourite school subjects?
Mathematics Literacy.

Looking 5 years ahead?
A Disaster Management call taker.

Favourite meal?

Favourite musician or group?
Celine Dion.

All-time best movie?
‘The Wild’.

Hobbies, interests?
Playing rugby for my local club and working on vehicles.

Dream holiday?
Abu Dhabi.

Who cracks an invite to your dinner party?
Sonny Bill Williams, Ludio Williams and Dan Carter.

You become boss of the world – your first law passed?
Retract the law against lowering cars.

What song plays when you enter a room?
‘I am Blessed’ by Mr Vegas.

Good to have you here Gavin. You’re going to learn a lot here but you won’t be working on our ambulances and fire engines. They don’t do well when lowered!

David Joubert
Municipal Manager
Weskus Distrik Municipality

West Coast District Municipality

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