Alberto-James May. Disaster Management Centre.

High school attended?
Wesbank, Malmesbury.

Favourite school subjects?

Looking 5 years ahead?
A call taker at Weskus Distrik Municipality.

Favourite meal?

Favourite musician or group?
Westlife, ‘Nothing At All’.

Hobbies and interests?
Modified cars.

All-time best movie?
‘Fast and Furious’, ‘Tokyo Drift’.

Dream holiday?

Who cracks an invite to your dinner party?
My Mom, my Grandfather and Paul Walker.

You become boss of the world – your first law passed?
Try my best to stop crime.

Which song plays when you enter a room?
‘I am the Boss’ by Rick Ross.

Thank you Alberto-James. You are in the right place to learn about compassion, handling pressure, and taking responsibility. All the best!

David Joubert
Municipal Manager
Weskus Distrik Municipality

West Coast District Municipality

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