Learner Progress: Jayden Papier

Happy with the work experience you’re getting at Weskus?
Yes, I am happy experiencing the ‘work world,’ because it can help me understand the next step that I will take in my career.

What has been the biggest learning curve for you?
The biggest learning curve was learning to get out of my comfort zone. I am an introvert that had to become an extrovert to work as a team, together with my colleagues.

Has there been a highlight for you?
Yes, there have been highlights. It was the recent public education awareness interventions we attended, and I played a supporting role.

Who is mentoring you?
Mr Petersen. But I was placed through a “buddy” system with Mr Tevron Greeff, Call Taker and the Dispatcher Intern at WCDM Disaster Management Centre

How would you describe your mentor?
I would describe him as strict, supportive, and inspiring. My “buddy” Mr Greeff guides and shows me the ropes in terms of my roles and responsibilities.

At this stage, can you envision your future career?
In the next three to five years, I see a career in real estate.

How does it feel to be working at a champion municipality such as “Weskus”?
It feels nice, I didn’t expect to experience the things that I am experiencing at Weskus!


West Coast District Municipality

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