Purpose beyond the job

We often hear about how the public and private sectors should work closer together but these conversations tend to refer to ‘big corporate’. Nico de Kock, MD Mubesko Africa, believes that true value will be unlocked when contractors, suppliers and consultants grasp what their true purpose is.

“Top municipalities treat their suppliers as valued partners and with that comes great responsibility. It means that the vision, values and purpose of the municipality must resonate with their partners.

Nico explains.

“If you’re helping the municipality with strategic brand development, your job is to position your client in an optimal way and reach the right investors. If you do that job well, you support your client’s growth and development in the region. If you’re assisting the municipality with Supply Chain Management, your simple purpose is to ensure that your municipal client receives the right goods, at the right price, and at the right time to ensure service delivery. You’re also addressing the risk of corruption which severely inhibits public service.

Let’s look deeper at how road construction extends way beyond a contract. If the contractor performs, they’ll reduce travel time and improve resident’s fuel consumption; prevent vehicle expenses caused by pot-holes; help farmers to get their goods to market in good shape, and reduce preventable accidents, among others. That’s the purpose beyond the contract which contractors, suppliers and consultants must align with and buy into”.

Nico believes that partners of local government must never underestimate the role that they play in South Africa.

“Whatever we do or don’t do impacts on the hopes, dreams and aspirations of South Africans. As private sector partners, we need to understand our purpose and deliver”.

Nico de Kock
Managing Director
Mubesko Africa


West Coast District Municipality

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