Learner Progress: Courtney Ceaser

Happy with the work experience that you’re gaining?
Yes, I am learning so many things and I am getting the chance to study and work at the same time. I can be a student and be independent.

What has been you biggest learning curve for you?
Having to take calls and working on some programs. I struggled but I got better with time.

A highlight?
My first time going out to Matzikamma Municipality with the media team from the Disaster Management Centre when we were taking photos at the landfill site that they are busy constructing.

Who is mentoring you?
Mr Petersen, but Mr. Sashin Septoo is my “buddy”, an Intern at the Disaster Management Centre.

How are your mentors helping you?
By encouragement, being supportive, and guiding me.

How do you see your career going forward?
I feel like this is the right place. I can grow beyond being an intern.

How does it feel to be working at a champion municipality such as “Weskus”?
It feels amazing. I am truly honoured to be working here!


West Coast District Municipality

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