From traditional destination marketing to strategic brand development.

The brand development of Weskus Distrik, South Africa’s top-rated municipality, has become a top priority, shifting a more traditional destination marketing approach to strategic brand development.

Although the municipality has achieved clean audits for twelve years in a row and has a high credit rating, this performance needed to attract the attention of key audiences.

“The lack of publicity can possibly be attributed to the humble nature of Weskus people. Besides, there was a sense was that we were just doing our jobs”, says Weskus Distrik Executive Mayor Ald. Boffie Strydom.

Assigning clear objectives shaped the construction of our brand and validated prioritisation of the project.

The four objectives are, attracting:

  • Local and foreign investors.
  • New residents.
  • Talent to sustain performance, and
  • Tourists.

“Achieving clean audits is admirable and indicative of our obsession with clean governance and compliance. But it can never be our end-game – our track record of performance must reach and resonate with selected audiences needed to sustain the development of the region”.

Brand Weskus has a job to do!

Ald. Boffie Strydom
Executive Mayor
Weskus Distrik Municipality


West Coast District Municipality

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