B&B and second home

Weskus is a perfect weekend destination, making an investment in a B&B an option to double as a second home.

Tourism in the region relies mostly on domestic tourists, who made up 84.7% of visitors in 2022 with the Western Cape and Gauteng being the main source market. The coastline, especially in the Saldanha Bay area, also attracts buyers of second homes.

In 2022, 39.9% of tourists stayed for two nights and 31.8% overnighted. Just under a third of visitors were between the ages of 36 and 50, with 27.5% aged 51 to 70.

The gap emerging is the 21-35 age group which only accounted for 11.1% of visitors. An opportunity exists to attract surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers to a sea sport extravaganza during the day while chilling in the evening at a sumptuous seafood restaurant with some good Weskus wine on the table!

*Stats sourced from Municipal Economic Review and Outlook / West Coast District / 2023-24.


West Coast District Municipality

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