You can judge us by the company we keep

Advocate Helen Venter, the owner and MD of Brasika Consulting, is a valued partner of Weskus Distrik. Helen brings years of experience and expertise which assists us in our key procurement and supply chain portfolio, an area which must be above reproach.

She has vast experience in the public sector and has held positions such as Legal Advisor, HR Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Governor, and Chief of Staff of a national ministry. Helen is recognised globally as a finance expert.

Quizzed on how she experiences Weskus Distrik, Helen responded spontaneously:

  • Ethical
  • Innovative
  • Cohesiveness between Council and Administration, and
  • Respect for all.

Helen is the co-author of the textbook “Public Procurement & Supply Chain Management” published in 2020.

West Coast District Municipality

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