What’s happening at Ganzekraal?

Ganzekraal is an idyllic holiday resort run by our municipality which caters for relaxing family holidays, conferences, team building breakaways or weddings.

Unfortunately, wear and tear has caused the resort to lose some of its shine. Why has this happened when we’re on top of most things under our watch?

“We were alerted to the fact that although we manage the resort as the operator, it does not belong to the Weskus Distrik Municipality. It belongs to the ‘People of South Africa’ which is a complicated story of its own. The bottom line is that legislation prohibits us from investing capital to upgrade the resort.

As operators, we are however allowed to allocate booking fee income and this is being used as we generate enough cash to make incremental improvements. We have already upgraded some of the chalets and the swimming pool”, says Jasper Jonker whose portfolio includes resorts.

We apologise to the faithful Ganzekraal visitors and are working hard to find solutions.

Jasper Jonker
Senior Manager
Income Expenditure, ICT and Resorts

West Coast District Municipality

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