How a run in with incompetence led to a life in public service.

It took a run in with incompetence to lead Deputy Mayor Sandra Crafford to life in public service.

Running her successful finance and accounting business at the time, Sandra decided it was time to make a difference.

“One can either join in all the negativity and sit on the sidelines, or you can get involved and do what you can to change things for the better. I chose to put up my hand”.

As Deputy Mayor, Sandra assists Executive Mayor Boffie Strydom in carrying out the Mayoral responsibilities but also fulfils her duties as a Council Member.

“There is so much that a district municipality can do for the regional municipalities which rely on us for protection and emergency services, landfall and garbage, infrastructure, and water, among others. You can either restrict yourself to what is required of you or be the catalyst to make things better”.

A very recent example of this spirited approach was taking the lead to consolidate and coordinate a Community and Rural safety plan for the district, fulfilling the mayor’s vision of a creating a safer place for the community. Centred in a modern and high-tech facility, the South African Police Services, Provincial Traffic, and various other role players are aligned and working together.

Another example is the construction of a quality road between Vredenburg and St Helena Bay. Instead of outsourcing the project to contractors, our Infrastructure team took on the project in-house, delivering an early return on investment through new building plans passed in St Helena Bay.

This is what sets Weskus Distrik Municipality apart – the vision, skills, and desire to make a difference.

Sandra Crafford
Deputy Mayor
Weskus Distrik Municipality

West Coast District Municipality

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