What it takes.

Chris Koch has been with us for two years, bringing a stellar track record of 37 years in the public service.

Infrastructure services has many legs but let’s headline something which we take for granted.

Gravel roads.

The quality of thousands of kilometres of gravel roads is of utmost importance to our core agricultural sector. Transporting fruit (or livestock) on a poor road damages the quality of goods. This means that fruit is no longer fit to export which leads to loss of anticipated profit for the farmer. Ultimately, farmers will disinvest. All of this can result in the retrenchment of farm workers. And beyond the pure economic impact of not maintaining the roads, there’s the high cost of replacing tyres and unfortunately, the tragedy of lost lives caused by neglect.

Behind those gravel roads is Chris and his team with years of experience and proven track-records; budgeting and project management skills; optimal utilisation and maintenance of equipment; ongoing learning and development, and the ability to be inventive and innovative.

We can touch on infrastructure such as the excellent quality of water to the community.

We are the only district municipality in South Africa running a water concession. We have two water treatment plants with capacity to treat 101 million litres of water per day. We’re running a pilot project on new disinfection methods. Our SANS 241 (measures the quality of drinking water based on key criteria) rating is 99%.

The team is also finalising the construction of a regional solid waste facility.

None of these accomplishments happened by chance. It’s about commitment, forward-thinking, experience, and the determination to be the best.

West Coast District Municipality

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