Did we get what we paid for?

Pedro April has been with us for 27 years.

What is his calling?

  • Accurate financials.
  • Compliance.
  • Governance.
  • Transparency.

These are ‘things’ you’d expect from an accounting portfolio but diligently performed, what does it mean? How is it a calling?

  • The confidence of funders, donors, investors and National Treasury.
  • Ensuring that funds are correctly and fully utilised for benefit of the community.
  • Spend and investment is signed off by mandated Executive members, ensuring that any spend supports the vision for the community.

Here’s an example of Pedro in action.
A generator is ordered. Pedro makes sure that all the regulatory and compliance processes have been followed to the letter. He’ll then get into his car and drive to where the generator was delivered to check that (a) its arrived and (b) that it’s the model that was ordered and paid for.

When funders are confident that we manage our money with integrity and purpose, we generate the funding needed to serve our communities. When our communities realises that whatever we do we do for them, we have a happy community which believes in what we do.

That’s why it’s a calling for Pedro.

West Coast District Municipality

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