New answers to old questions. And new questions.

Weskus Distrik looks beyond its regional responsibilities and recognises the role that it can play in providing hope for South Africans by collaborating with the public and private sectors to promote ethical leadership, robust governance, and new answers to old questions.

Weskus CFO Dr Johan Tesselaar and his team is working hard to present a defining summit in 2025 where private sector leaders; public sector directors and senior management; corporate governance professionals; strategy and planning leaders; risk management practitioners; sustainability champions, and academia can converge and emerge with new answers to the old questions faced by local government. This is particularly relevant at a time when only 38 of 257 municipalities achieved clean audits.

The summit objectives include:

Long-Term Vision: The importance of long-term planning in driving sustainable growth and resilience amidst political uncertainty.

Corporate Governance: The role of robust corporate governance in fostering trust, accountability, and ethical leadership.

Collaborative Learning: Knowledge sharing and collaboration among industry peers to leverage collective wisdom and best practices.

Topics will cover key areas to help local government to navigate current and future challenges such as:

Strategic Foresight: Anticipating and preparing for future challenges and opportunities through proactive planning.

Ethical Leadership: Cultivating a culture of integrity, transparency, and responsibility in corporate governance practices.

Innovation and Adaptation: Harnessing innovation and agility to pivot and thrive in dynamic environments.

Enterprise Management: Mitigating risks and building resilience through effective risk assessment and management strategies. The evolutions of local government.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Integrating environmental, social, and governance principles into operations for long-term value creation.

Dr Tesselaar believes that these burning issues need to be explored so that local government can navigate South Africa through stormy waters.

“The summit will inspire delegates through keynote addresses by thought leaders; panel discussions will be interactive and facilitated by experts; real-world case studies will expose delegates to strategies that work, and the opportunity to network with peers facing challenges – many of whom have solutions – will be invaluable”.

The summit venue?

“We’ll take the summit to market in July as we engage with key government stakeholders and talk to the private sector, but the official launch is planned for October 2024 and then we’ll reveal all.

Any clues?

It will be in an unexpected place where delegates can explore new horizons, unbound by the restrictions of our current reality. We need to look further than what we currently see in front of us”.

Watch this space!

Dr Johan Tesselaar
Weskus Distrik.


West Coast District Municipality

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