Laat Waai! What does it mean?

Weskus Distrik is an active and action-focused district municipality which understands clearly that talk is cheap at a time in South Africa where decisive action is required.

Roughly translate, Laat Waai can mean:

  • Make it happen.
  • Get it done. Now.
  • Just Do It.

“Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ is iconic and somewhat irreverent whereas ‘Laat Waai’ has to do with the urgent matter of service delivery. There can only ever be one Nike but there’s also only one Weskus Distrik Municipality”.

The call to action mobilises the Weskus team, creating urgency and common purpose. Laat Waai not only applies to implementation but also to the process and planning leading to activation.

“One cannot be decisive or confident if you don’t have the right people in the team. This applies to our municipal officials, management and executive team led by our Municipal Manager David Joubert. And where appropriate, expert consultants who share our values, purpose, and commitment to governance and service delivery. When it comes to delivering much-needed services to residents and stakeholders, you simply cannot sit on a project or community need – you must make it happen”.


Executive Mayor
RW “Boffie” Strydom
Weskus Distrik Municipality

West Coast District Municipality

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