A unifying call

There are several ways to create a strapline or slogan, but Weskus Distrik articulated a desire for its communities, and encapsulated everything that is important to its communities.

“What we often see are slogans such as ‘Delivering Excellence’ or even ‘Trust Us’. We see such slogans as qualifiers and what residents have a right to expect from their municipalities. For us, a slogan should convey what you deliver and, in many respects, should inspire your community while also resonating with municipal officials”, says Weskus Distrik Municipal Manager David Joubert.

Weskus Distrik arrived at a simple strapline of Live. Strive. Thrive.

“Our strapline speaks to what you can expect when living on the Weskus. On its own, ‘live’ has little significance as many South Africans live in poor conditions. But put ‘strive’ and ‘thrive’ alongside it, and it takes on a new meaning”.

In terms of how Weskus Distrik gears itself for service delivery, David points to four pillars of Weskus Distrik Municipality:

  • Solid: Track record of 13 clean audits on the trot.
  • Active: Reputation for getting things done.
  • Aspirational: Weskus Distrik’s obsession with growing and developing their team, securing a qualified pool of future leaders.
  • Inclusive: Every member of the Weskus Distrik team has a role to play, whether it’s the road construction Stop-Go operator, or the Executive Mayor.

“Our strapline is new, but it articulates what we have been striving towards for many years – a place where our communities can live, strive and thrive”.


David Joubert
Municipal Manager
Weskus Distrik Municipality.

West Coast District Municipality

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