A place to live, strive and thrive.

Deputy Mayor Sandra Crafford believes that a vision should be simple, aspirational and importantly, achievable.

“Our vision is reflected in our current strapline, Live. Strive. Thrive. We think that it resonates with individuals, families, and businesses alike. It provides meaning to what we do as a municipality. Our goal is to provide a place where our communities can live, strive, and thrive.

A good brand also has meaning internally, and what we want for our communities is no different to what we want for Team Weskus Distrik. We must be a place where our team can feel at home, where they can grow and develop, and be a space to excel in. When we do this, we retain skilled, motivated officials and attract the best available talent”.

Weskus Distrik supplies a number of essential services to the region’s municipalities but Sandra suggests that a municipality should go beyond expected service delivery. The Weskus Distrik team believes that through setting an example, municipalities should also play a role in inspiring its communities.

“We’d like to inspire people to do the right things to change lives for the better. We encourage people to talk less and do more. We urge people to overcome challenges and find solutions. We believe that there are heroes in every community – indeed, in every person – who can make a difference”.


Ald. Sandra Crafford
Deputy Mayor
Weskus Distrik Municipality

West Coast District Municipality

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