The Clean Audit Is The Tip Of The Iceberg.

Mubesko Africa MD Nico de Kock is proud to be associated with South Africa’s number one rated municipality.

“Achieving a clean audit and high credit rating is admirable, and being rated as South Africa’s number one municipality is highly commendable. It speaks of strong governance and highly skilled financial and operational management. But this is only the tip of the Weskus Distrik story. Its true strength lies in its people, the defining part of the iceberg”.

Nico believes that the municipality’s obsession with attracting, developing, and mentoring its people is what makes Weskus Distrik run so smoothly.

He cites a few examples:

  • The municipality is bubbling with the excitement of learners fresh from matric as they take their first steps in the workplace.
  • Senior managers with decades of experience continue to study further, while the executive team encourage younger officials to study further.
  • Ambitious plans are made to learn from the best performing municipalities in the world.

“It doesn’t seem to matter whether you’re a young school leaver or an Executive with a doctorate, the emphasis is on continuous development. This foundation of staying relevant off the back of proven skills allows them to be a decisive and action-biased municipality”.

Nico de Kock
Managing Director
Mubesko Africa.

West Coast District Municipality

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