Earl Williams assists the Municipal Manager to frame the vision and vision of Weskus Distrik and then through Performance Management, ensure that objectives are achieved. This again highlights the fact that our achievements have not happened by chance.

Why is performance management key to our success?

Here are a couple of principles:

  • Irrespective of what our job titles or portfolios are we can only achieve our objectives if EACH of us – including our business partners – perform the tasks allocated to them and understand clearly what is expected.
  • This means that EVERY member of our team is aligned behind common purpose, which is ultimately doing our considerable best for our community.
  • If one party is slipping, we need to pick that up early so that we can get that function back on track in time to achieve our objectives.
  • How Performance Management also helps us to check that there is no costly duplication or fragmentation of effort.

If one considers that we have a 5 year plan, we have to make sure that month by month and year-on-year we perform as planned, always building momentum.

The audit results achieved cannot be subscribed to any one person but rather, it is the aggregated and sustained performance of Team Weskus Distrik.

West Coast District Municipality

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