One purpose in mind. Your safety!

Now that the dust has settled after a busy holiday season, Weskus Distrik’s Head of Disaster and Emergency Services Franquin Petersen shares his thoughts on the months gone by.

“The holiday season was the first real test of our consolidated emergency response centre in Moorreesburg, one of only two such centres in South Africa. It consolidates responses from SAPs, ambulance, fire and related municipal services from one location. The centre was activated about 6 months ago after our Executive May RW “Boffie” Strydom called for improved safety and security in the Weskus region. The cooperation of all stakeholders is a prime example of what happens when South Africans share a common purpose. As a team, our processes, people and technology performed as the Mayor envisioned”.

The fire that engulfed Shelley Point Hotel attracted much media attention and illustrated the importance of teamwork as Saldanha Bay firefighters, Weskus Distrik’s Medical Rescue services and others were quick to respond, prioritising the safety of individuals and surrounding properties.

“An important aspect of safety and security involves education, especially among our youth. We sent our team into the community to educate and raise awareness. I think that our team enjoyed it as much as the community!”


Franquin Pietersen
Head Disaster & Emergency Services
Weskus Distrik Municipality

West Coast District Municipality

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