Mayor’s Hero Award

When one has a clear vision and purpose it’s vital to immerse all those who have a role in achieving your objectives, and this extends beyond employees.

This is true in the public sector where the supply chain is crucial to delivering services and achieving the mandated IDP (integrated development plan).

Executive Mayor ‘Boffie’ Strydom explains the thinking behind Weskus Distrik’s Hero Award.
“We wanted our suppliers to feel like partners in delivering quality services and maintaining clean governance in our supply chain. Their contribution to our vision and purpose must extend beyond the work contracted, and their satisfaction must be greater than an invoice submitted. We regard our partners in the same way as we see officials who go the extra mile – heroes!”

SHERPA CEO Gary Hendrickse describes how receiving the Mayor’s Hero Award made him feel.

“Humbled, recognised, proud, a bit emotional. I remembered that feeling as a youngster starting out when called up to receive a ‘Star of the Month’ award at a company function. It’s essentially a piece of paper but you take it home and show the family and hang it up on the wall. It makes you feel part of something. It also inspires you to go the extra mile.”

“We assist Weskus with brand and communication assignments as part of strategic brand development. But knowing why we do it – the vision and purpose – and what it truly means drives you harder. In our instance, we provide brand agency services, but the vision is to attract investors to the region, and the purpose is economic growth which means jobs and infrastructural development for the community. Whatever you do, the purpose must be foremost in your mind”.

Boffie goes further:

“The supply chain can be subject to abuse, however well managed. At Weskus, we have an enviable record of governance, and our partners understand that they have a role to play in maintaining this cornerstone of Weskus. They know that poor governance can destroy market confidence, and this inevitably impacts on service delivery”.

The Hero Award also recognises public sector associates whose integrity, achievements and noble deeds play a role in Weskus Distrik’s service delivery.


Executive Mayor
Boffie Strydom
Weskus Distrik.

West Coast District Municipality

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