Career development in local government

The opportunities to grow in any municipality are limited to the ambition, qualifications, work ethic and size of the municipality. There is little that prohibits ambitious people – be they interns or general workers – from growing through the ranks to the highest positions of managers, directors, and ultimately the position of Municipal manager.

Municipalities offer incredible opportunities for paid training and bursaries, on the job development, mentoring and coaching, all of which are only limited by available budgets, grants and the size of the municipality (which impacts on capacity to manage workload while a colleague is absent studying).

There will always be opportunities for passionate, hardworking, ethical people to join municipalities and improve their qualifications as they work or study to position themselves for several professional opportunities in the financial, accounting, auditing, legal, business, administration, human resources, engineering, ICT and many more.

There is a high demand for positions such as engineers, chief financial officers, municipal managers, supply chain specialists, internal auditors, chartered accountants and many more key portfolios need to deliver public services.

Ultimately, the traits required by ambitious municipal officials eyeing a successful career in local government are no different to those found in the private sector – passion, hard work, relevant qualifications, and continuous development.


Dr Len Mortimer
D. Admin MBA
MD Ultimate Consulting Solutions.
Snr Extraordinary Lecturer SPL.

West Coast District Municipality

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