WCDM Disaster Management launch SOAP 4 LIFE campaign

With the objective of raising awareness and to mitigate the spread of COVID 19, West Coast Disaster Management partnered with various stakeholders to distribute soap to rural communities.

The “ SOAP 4 LIFE “ campaign is a generous gesture to assist our communities to be more aware and informed about the coronavirus by focussing on washing of hands and personal hygiene.

Washing hands with normal soap and running water for 20 seconds works just as well as hand sanitizer. Washing your hands regularly can kill the virus and stop the spread. West Coast District Municipal officials partnered with the rural community organisation and agricultural sector to distribute soap to farms across the West Coast while creating awareness about COVID 19.

Two thousand bars of soap were distributed in rural communities before the National lockdown while a further 6000 bars of soap were distributed to local municipalities in the West Coast. The campaign will continue to run until the end of April and businesses and individuals who want to donate soap should contact WCDM on info@wcdm.co.za or 022 433 8701.

West Coast Disaster Management Centre in Moorreesburg coordinates various other activities within the West Coast to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus. Centre management thank the public for their support an adherence to the regulations during the national lock down and encourage people to STAY AT HOME as far as possible to curb the spread of the virus.

Andre Frans (WCDM Fire Service); Angelo Rhode ; Wilhelm Markus ( Director WCDM); Markus Lutz (WCDM Fire Services); David Joubert (WCDM Municipal Manager) assisting with the soap distribution
Andre Frans and Markus Lutz of WCDM Fire Services assisting with the soap distribution.
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