The breathe behind the numbers

Although his role is pivotal in Weskus Distrik’s performance as Number One in South Africa, Johan will be the first person to remind you that this achievement is the result of his team’s performance and indeed, the commitment of EVERY member of the municipality’s team.

Johan is a quick and decisive decision-maker. You’ll often hear the term laat waai echoing through 58 Long Street. This is South Africa’s version of Nike’s Just Do It!

But this decisiveness should never be construed as recklessness. Johan is a relentless driver of processes, controls, and procedures. He is passionate about local government and fully grasps the true value that a clean, well-managed and purposeful municipality has for its community. We celebrate achievements but it’s not about us, it’s about people and community.

Johan is an ardent supporter of developing and mentoring young people. If they choose to move on after an internship or learnership programme, we are satisfied that their lives have been enriched and that they will make an impact in South Africa.

A humble man that prefers not to be addressed as Dr. Johan embodies the sentiment that a good person is what you do, not what you are.

West Coast District Municipality

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