Tenders open

Tender Awards 2018/2019 – March 2019

Erratum: Tender WDM 07/2019 – Hire of Security Services for the West Coast Region for the period ending 30 June 2022

Erratum – Tender WDM 09/2019: Supply and Delivery of Crushed stone and associated products for the West Coast DM for a three (3) year period ending June 2022

Tender WDM 05/2019 – Drilling and Development of Groundwater Boreholes; WDM 06/2019 – Line Painting Services; WDM 07/2019 – Hire of Security Services; WDM 08/2019 – Hire of Construction Plant; WDM 09/2019 – Crushed stone and Associated Products; WDM 10/2019 – Mobile chemical flush toilets; WDM 11/2019 – Traffice Accommodation services; WDM 12/2019 – Short-term Insurance

Tender WDM 02/2019 – VAT Review for the West Coast District Municipality for the Last Five (5) Financial Years

Tender WDM 01/2019 – Safe Removal and Disposal of Asbestos-contained Material and the Monitoring of Asbestos Fibre Levels

Tender WDM 37/2018 – Appointment of a Legal Panel for Legal Services, Tender WDM 38/2018 – Supply and Delivery of 4X4 Vehicle

Tender WDM 34/2018 – Deliver and Spray of Bitumen Products, WDM 35/2018 – Commercial Laboratory Testing Services and WDM 36/2018

Erratum: Tenderno: WDM 32/2018 – Voorsiening van Vlinderkleppe en Johnson Koppelstukke

Tenders WDM 31/2018 – Voorsiening van ‘n Pomp en Bakwerk op Iveco 6 x 6-onderstel, Voorsiening van Vlinderkleppe en Johnson koppelstukke – WDM 33/2018 Voorsiening en installering van Multi-funksionele Drukkers vir verskeie Administratiewe Kantore

Tender WDM 25/2018 – Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Disability Stair Lift System

Tender WDM 28/2018 – Investment Destination Marketing Services for the West Coast Area