Special Council Meeting – 27 February 2017

External Bursaries for 2017

Oversight Report 2015-2016

Germany Educational Camp

Annual Report 2015/2016, Closure of Offices and Meeting dates notice

88th General Council Meeting – Wednesday, 07 December 2016

Notice to Prospective Suppliers – Central Supplier Database (CSD) Effective 1 July 2016

Notice to Suppliers for Registering on the Central Supplier Database

Repeal By-Laws of the WCDM

Notice – Budget IDP Repeal By-Laws

Approved Year Program 2016

Fire Safety By-Laws Council resolution

West Coast DM Fire Safety By-Law

Notice – Draft AR 1st Meetings, Closure of Offices and Fire Safety By-Laws

Centralized Supplier Database Awareness and Registration Roadshow

Notice to Suppliers

Kennisgewing aan Verskaffers


Special Council Meeting, Wednesday 27 May 2014

Rescheduling of Council Meeting Friday, 27 March 2015